Building Brand Success in Unique Times

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Understanding the tools for a successful marketing program can feel daunting.

Where do you start?

At Capacity, we like to start at the beginning. Dig deep and get to know your brand’s true personality.

Join us for 2 Zoom calls as we present some important techniques to consider for your marketing. Our webinar series will help you build brand success and start understanding your audience. As marketers and business owners, we all want results.

We’ll cover key aspects of building your brand and supporting your customers and community in these unique times – and as always – for a foundation of success today and in the future.

  1. Communicating Your Brand | Brand Archetypes
  2. Market Research & Knowing Your Audience

Communicating Your Brand - 6/18 11AM

Learn how to connect with customers on an emotional level, which is crucial during turbulent times (archetypes).

There are 12 archetypes or key personalities that every company fits into one or more of. Understanding your brand’s personality clearly, allows you to target your messaging in a way that customers want to do business with you. If done right, not only do you attract customers but you attract customers that share the same archetype! This makes selling, project management, customer service, etc. that much easier.

A quick example is a doggie day care who was spending money telling the world how clean and safe they were for your dog. Not only is that what every doggie day care says, but her archetype was not a “Caregiver” her archetype was a “Lover”. Changing her messaging to “your dog will be hugged at least 3 times a day” made her phone ring with customers who felt just like she did and loved her from the beginning.

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Moderator Eric Egeland, CPCU, AU

Eric Egeland, CPCU, AU

Market Research - 6/25 11AM

Knowing your market, customer profile, historical results, macroenvironment, etc. allows you to market efficiently & effectively. We explain, in varying levels of detail, the typical sections of a Situational Analysis and how they are typically completed, including:

  • Market Size and Demographics
  • Market Trends
  • Market Growth
  • Target Market
  • Customer Profile
  • SWOT Analysis

  • Competition
  • Product Offering
  • Historical Results
  • Macroenvironment
  • Sales Channels
  • Keys to Success

Knowing this information allows you to hone in on who you should be marketing to, what your strengths and weaknesses are, your opportunities, and threats. It forces you to measure the results of past marketing activities… sometimes when measured, ones you thought were a failure really are not.

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Moderator Martyna Triggs

Martyna Triggs