Video Content Marketing for Your Business

Matt, March 15, 2021

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably overwhelmed by the countless buzz terms you’re inundated with every time you turn around. Viral content, cross-platform marketing, SEO-rich content – it’s probably hard to keep up with what type of “content is king” any given day of the year, right? As marketers, it’s our job to stay on top of industry trends. We actively pursue the next big opportunity or the next big social platform, and we’re even more interested to keep track of what kind of content and delivery channels are best for any given industry. It’s what helps us keep our clients at the very top of the list, not only in sales and returns but in the multitude of ways we can help lift our clients to the next level. 

creative video assets

Creative video assets can be a blast to make, and regardless the size of your business, you can have fun. Storytelling is your number one priority, so get creative, pinpoint the messaging and voice you’re ready to portray, and create quality content that will carry you across platforms organically. Here, Capacity Marketing President and CEO Matt Dorcas is on set with Steve Neuhaus, the current County Executive of Orange County, New York and Maureen Halahan, President & CEO of the Orange County Partnership.

Whether your business is using a marketing firm to help you navigate the convoluted marketing waters, or you’re navigating the terrain all on your own, it’s important to first identify your goals. Not every company’s intention is to drive sales, though this is the most common end goal. Nonprofit organizations may see visibility and awareness as their main focus, or in some cases, email signups are the top priority. No matter your reason for a better, more effective marketing strategy, we’re here to discuss the need for video content marketing in your plan forward. 

Video Content Marketing – What Does That Even Mean?

Trust us when we say that we don’t enter into asset creation or content development lightly. For our clients, and even for our own success, we’re constantly monitoring what kind of content is doing well, and how impactful and relevant it is in every single application when it comes to marketing. It’s a rare and opportunistic occasion when we’re presented with the chance to explore and learn about something new to us, and when that happens, boy do we go all in. 

CanBot Kickstarter Video – Created by Capacity Marketing 

What’s more awesome than a creative video component used to help a Kickstarter project? How about that project obtaining full funding in FOUR minutes. The icing on the cake – the comments the creators got on their branded and totally engaging video!


We’re not here to talk about us though, we’re here to talk about video content marketing as it applies to any business. That’s right. Any. Business. We want to give you the inside scoop and a few key points to take away to help you decide not only if video content for your business is even the right path to explore, and if so, what kind of video content is going to enrich your user experience and really captivate your target audience. 

What is Video Content Marketing?

Simply put, video content marketing is the use of created, engaging content and messaging delivered through a variety of video assets. This includes quick ad spots or DIY videos, free hosting on sites like Youtube, live streams on Facebook and Instagram, and more recently, quick, eye-catching, and engaging content on platforms like TikTok. Of course, promotional videos, T.V. ads, and even short documentaries or brand vision videos are hot, and guess what? People actually watch them! 

“Video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from. (Animoto)”
creating engaging video

Creating engaging video can have a variety of applications – but the end results are there. Here the Capacity Video Production team works on a promotional video for MVH: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.

The metrics are there (if you didn’t already know, we really like data…), and they’re hard to ignore. Video really is king. But why? It’s actually pretty simple, and it’s an explanation that while older demographics may not understand, it’s just the progression of the consumer attention. 

  1. It’s a visual, engaging, and entertaining asset. Period. A great video, even on a platform like TikTok doesn’t even require fancy equipment. All you need is yourself and your smartphone. 
  2. People don’t want to read. We actually should have made a video about this blog, see what we did there? We’re inundated with emails, reports, copy, SOPs, contracts, and so much more copy to read every single day, people just don’t have the mental bandwidth for it. Why read when the message can be delivered in an interactive and exciting new way? By the way, this metric doesn’t just stand for the average consumer – 59% of B2B executives say they too would prefer to watch video content than read a text copy post
  3. It’s easier to retain. Viewers retain up to 95% of a video asset’s message, as opposed to only 10% of a text post’s copy – that’s HUGE. 
  4. It’ll increase your email subscription clickthrough rate. By just mentioning it in your email subject line, and up to a 13% increase at that! Might be a strange thing to hear, but the mere mention of a video actually encourages engagement. That’s free added visibility. No extra effort. 
  5. It’s highly shareable. You can use it across all digital channels. Social media, website copy, email newsletters, paid ads – if you’re looking to deliver your message on the web, video can and will help.
  6. It can increase your landing page conversions exponentially. In fact, if done well, and formatted appropriately, using video on your website landing pages can up your conversion rate 80% according to EyeWideDigital.
video assets

It’s not always about fancy equipment and scripts; identifying your target platform can help you strategize the format and messaging you want in your videos. Need drone footage? Find a firm like Capacity Marketing that can support your needs. The big takeaway? You may not need fancy video assets, and that’s ok!



The reasons why to utilize video for your marketing efforts are endless, and if you need more supporting data, we’re here to help. But we’re not quite done yet; let’s take a look at how to go about creating and delivering your new golden marketing concepts and assets.

Pick Your Format 

Not all brands are created equal, and based on your brand voice, service, or offerings, not every format or style is going to be most applicable to your industry or product. Your brand voice is just as important as the type of content your target audience may want to consume, so make sure you’ve done your expansive and thorough market research to identify which direction you want to go in. 

For some, a quick how-to video with a splash of comedic value might be the best way to really engage your audience. In fact, as recently as 2018, over 70% of social media users watched video content to make them laugh. That’s a striking and outstanding statistic and one that shouldn’t be ignored.

Not every video can be funny though, and that’s where you’ll balance your research with how you want your brand perceived, and with the right equipment, you’ll pick the most relevant platforms to cater to.

Pick Your Delivery

This doesn’t just imply tone and messaging, or comedic value or levity. This also pertains to what purpose your video content marketing assets are going to serve. If you’re looking to create a viral TikTok video, chances are good you’re not using high-end equipment and paid actors. Are you explaining something about your product or service? You might want to invest in a production company to get the best ROI. 

Orange County Partnership Investor Update Video 2020 by Capacity Marketing

It’s also important to cater your video to your preferred platform – if it’s going to go on a landing page on your site, make sure you’re ready to SEO optimize your file, page, and website copy. The great news about this route is that it’s easily shared to other platforms, which only reinforces your visibility across the web. 

Get to Creating

Video gives your brand a chance to speak directly to your target market in a way they understand and in the medium they already use. It’s a salesperson that never sleeps telling your brand story when your audience is ready to hear it. That’s why creating great quality video content assets is important to your overall success. 

Let’s be clear however that not every video can be shot on your phone, though there’s plenty of fantastic content created on smartphones every day. If you’re looking to do an outstanding production type video, make sure you invest in a production company that can do it right. Not every video needs to be top-level quality, but gauge your company’s needs and go from there.

To create the best video assets, be sure you’re educated about your equipment, define your goals, and be prepared to cultivate the most engaging content to stretch those components as far as possible. Of course, as always if the task seems like something you’d like some professional assistance with, Capacity Marketing is here to help. Our team includes experienced and knowledgeable video content creators, and they love nothing more than taking on the next new and exciting project! Give us a call at 845-430-5277, or head over to our contact page to fill out a contact form. Don’t miss out on video for your marketing endeavors, the results will astound you!