The Digital rEvolution

Matt, August 30, 2021

In his recent article in Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development’s In the Know quarterly publication, Capacity Marketing CEO, Matt Dorcas, discussed how companies had to integrate more technology solutions over the past two years in order to remain competitive in a changing business landscape. Digital ingenuity was often the difference between success and failure, and not every company was able to adapt their digital marketing strategy to maintain their profitability.

Despite the initial assessments that COVID-19 would be a short-lived inconvenience, there is growing evidence that the way customers do business has changed for good. This means that companies that never needed a digital presence in the past may need to reconsider their position and take opportunities to establish themselves with marketing online.

“The pandemic pushed [businesses] to make choices, tough choices! They discovered that digital not only works, but it’s precise and incredibly efficient. When digital is done systematically, it’s trackable and directly correlates to your return on investment (ROI). When it’s paired with print and direct mail marketing, it can be even stronger. When it’s coupled with a full-service strategy and plan that integrates the brand both offline and on, it’s magical!”

Indeed, omnichannel marketing is the most effective way to ensure that your business remains at the top of your clients’ or customers’ minds. Integrating a digital marketing strategy in addition to other traditional advertising methods helps to generate touchpoints with the people who are looking for your products and services. Capacity Marketing specializes in creating marketing strategies customized to your unique business, competitive landscape, and customer profile to ensure that you are maximizing your return on investment.

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