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Website Traffic Increased by 80% Through Social Channels

Matt, January 19, 2021


Clarkstown International Collision is a unique body shop where client care and customer satisfaction are priority number one. Owners Gene and Anna Cortes approached us to aid in their growth by tagging marketing strategies to their services with the highest return on investment. As an extension of their customer service, we suggested a website redesign, a rebranding, and a logo refresh. 

Market Research 

An understanding of automobile collisions and the demographics of accidents was essential to our approach. We dived into market research and discovered the following: 

  • Teenage drivers are 3 times more likely to be involved in a collision than those over 20 and are responsible for 12.2% of all accidents.
  • Drivers, on average, file a collision claim once every 17.9 years, meaning that most people are potential clients by the age of 34.
  • Nearly two-thirds of drivers, regardless of age, distrust auto repair shops, citing overcharges, unnecessary service recommendations, and poor past experiences as cause for their lack of confidence. 
  • 66% of auto repair clients turn to their friends or family members for recommendations on where to go for good service. 
  • Competing brands are extremely generic and obtuse to their clients instead of finding a way to connect with their audience to create a lasting bond that results in a loyal customer base. 

CIC’s new website focuses on the backstory of the company and Gene and Anna’s strong connection to clients. Connecting the amazing customer experience, rich history, and new technologies achieves a high level of brand recognition for the continued success of Clarkstown International Collision. Noting the distrust and the power of word-of-mouth marketing in the industry, we also suggested a campaign strategy that capitalized on referrals and customer service. 



The industry trend in logos is the use of ordinary, conventional concepts. While we wanted to follow the examples of branding giants, we also understood the importance of conveying that Clarkstown International Collision was modern, innovative, and trustworthy. We opted to keep a monogram of the initials “CIC,” updating the mark for consistency and readability.


CIC’s website is simplified to ensure customer needs are met quickly. The website includes a self-serve appointment scheduler, reviews and testimonials, auto shop photos, list of services, and other aspects that cater to the user experience. The site has a welcoming layout, concise verbiage and conveys confidence through plenty of white space marketing.

Social Media Marketing 

The CIC social media pages were given a complete facelift. The main focus was to increase local brand awareness and website traffic while running advertising campaigns to extend reach and engagement. 


  • Our efforts on social media stimulated an increase of more than 80% of traffic to the new website through social platforms. 
  • While CIC consistently reached about 15 people per day with posts on social media, they now reach 30-50 per day. 
  • Instagram saw a significant increase in engagement through our efforts, particularly after we identified an account issue that interfered with its effectiveness. 
  • Our social media ads have contributed to a 1000%+ increase in social activity for CIC. Reach and impressions are now in the 30,000+ range compared to around 500 before working with Capacity.


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