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Digital Marketing Increases Web Traffic 250%

Matt, January 19, 2021


BreakthroughM2 offers a holistic approach to weight loss and complete health, offering support and coaching as well as a diet plan and homeopathy. The organization has grown exponentially primarily through word-of-mouth. Locally, the team was thriving, but they wanted to extend their market reach. The Capacity Marketing team proposed optimizing their website and social platforms and improving their messaging and user experience from a digital perspective.

Market Research 

We segmented the psychographics of BreakthroughM2’s clients in addition to clients of competitors. Our focus was on communication characteristics and interactions on social media channels. We recognized that communicating about body image required a respectful approach and the ability to relate to various individuals’ lifestyles. This tactfulness was already embodied in BreakthroughM2’s founder. The key was to translate that persona to the team members and social media. This approach helped establish the brand as a partner in health, rather than “another diet company.”


Social Media

We conducted a full social media audit, which included keyword research, background on competitors, and target demographics segmentation. Using this data, we established a social media strategy to increase engagement and followers while maintaining the relationship that exists with established clients. We encouraged the company to post live videos to drive engagement on social media. Capacity Marketing continues to create social media content and manage advertising campaigns on all of their active social platforms. 


We helped BreakthroughM2 establish a blog format that would create consistent posts and trained them to use the template and create content. We also formatted their existing blogs to match the template and loaded them onto their website. BreakthroughM2 and Capacity Marketing both took responsibility for creating blog content which are optimized for SEO and can be posted to social platforms.


  • Website traffic increased 250%, with almost 15% driven by social media.
  • Facebook post reach is up over 400% with Capacity Marketing’s strategic methods in place: Impressions up from 80,000 to 350,000+. 
  • Page likes and followers increased over 300% in 2020, and page engagement has nearly doubled.
  • Instagram post engagement also doubled in 2020 as new users were introduced to the BreakthroughM2 brand.
  • Live video posts attract huge engagement, performing with thousands of views, and hundreds of clicks and engagements. 


Digital Marketing