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Video Motivates Major Donor for YMCA

Matt, January 19, 2021


The YMCA is a worldwide organization of local chapters that provide recreation and refuge by offering gymnasium equipment, summer camps, after school programs, weekend activities, community events, and various classes. The YMCA of Middletown needed help raising donations from community members to update their pool. They trusted Capacity to create a video that would generate awareness for their campaign and help achieve their fundraising goals. 



We had a big task to accomplish: the well-loved YMCA chapter was counting on us to save their pool. We used the power of storytelling and created a video series of YMCA patrons, sharing their experiences and connections to YMCA. 

Tony Boffa, a well-known restaurateur in Middletown, NY, described using the YMCA’s pool since 1956. His daughter was also featured, speaking about how physical activity at the YMCA improved his health and gave her confidence. 

We advised the YMCA to promote the videos on their website and social media accounts in order to maximize their audience members. After posting the first video, the YMCA started receiving donations. Ultimately, the series had national appeal, and a donor from Texas sent a six-figure donation for the construction of the pool.

Storytelling has the power to motivate and emotionally connect with audiences. We are grateful to be part of YMCA’s story. 


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