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Timeless Web Design Modernizes Insurance

Matt, January 19, 2021


Marshall & Sterling is an insurance company that has been around 150+ years. For generations, they have built a company culture motivated by helping clients – present and prospective. In order to keep up with the needs of today’s customers and tech advances in the insurance industry, Marshall & Sterling approached Capacity for market research, branding refresh, and a website redesign. 

Market Research 

To assess the company’s mission and invoke its determination and passion through the new brand and website, our team interviewed, surveyed, and researched both the competition and the psychographics of the multi-generational customers. This was essential in understanding the core values of Marshall & Sterling and competitively brand the company in the market – without losing the essence of the existing brand. 


The Capacity team created a website on Drupal, to ensure third-party insurance applications could still communicate and collaborate on Marshall & Sterling’s website. Since Marshall & Sterling is a 150-year-old company, our biggest challenge was creating a more modern website that retained the respect and integrity of the company. However, our branding process provided the foundation to achieve this responsibility. 


The employee-owned company was incredibly satisfied with Marshall & Sterling’s updated and strengthened brand and website. We were able to identify the differing needs of the company’s multi-generational customers and build a website that unified the past 150 years of Marshall & Sterling’s service and today’s client needs. There was an immediate and significant increase in site traffic, which resulted in the doubling of the number of requests for quotes submitted on website forms over the course of a year.


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