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Making an Industrial Brand Personable

Matt, January 19, 2021


Advance Testing is a serious competitor in the materials testing and inspection industry and also develops construction materials training programs. Founder, Jim Smith, wanted an updated website to better represent what he and Advance Testing stand for. The goal was to develop a three-dimensional company personality beyond simply industry subject matter expertise. In addition to making information more accessible to current and prospective clients, improvement to the website would allow the employees to take as much pride in their online presence as they have for their jobs within the company.  

Market Research 

Our first priority was to conduct thorough research into the materials testing and inspection industry: market trends, psychographics, competitors, consumer behavior, etc. The research created a foundation of knowledge by which we learned what to say, to whom, and in what way/medium. 

We found that research in this segment was uniquely challenging as the majority of Advance Testing’s competitors lacked professional, branded websites to compare and contrast. Instead, we leveraged client surveys that identified differentiating characteristics of Advance Testing. Clients spoke highly of the company, citing their proactive and problem solving, exceptional customer service, ethical values, credibility, and the continuity of their great employees as compelling differences.

These same attributes were mirrored in employee surveys. Those within the company described the brand as family-oriented, client-focused, and cooperative. They prided themselves as a dedicated work staff and wanted to highlight the benefits they could offer to new employees through an enticing careers page that would aid in expanding the team.

We noticed that the lack of humanization in this very technical field was an area of extreme opportunity that aligned well with Advance Testing’s brand and archetypes. We suggested that using real employee photos – those of people clients recognize and trust – along with detailed background/history, spotlights on innovation, and client testimonials would make an exceptional customer experience when arriving at the new website. 



The new website for Advance Testing stands out among its peers in the industry. It utilizes a clean framework that is optimized for mobile use as well as desktop. It is rich with images, from the recent projects featured on the main page to the individual service pages. Employees are featured prominently on the website, as well as customer testimonials from those who have worked with Advance Testing in the past. These changes, along with About, Mission, Dedication to Innovation, and Community Outreach pages, serve to create a professional persona for the company. Career Opportunities, including their Co-Op program, are filled with information to attract talent.   


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