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Digital Marketing Drives Leads up 300%

Matt, January 19, 2021


Aden Brook is the premier source of hay, straw, and wood shavings for farmers, event promoters, government agencies, municipalities, schools, and zoos within three states. They approached us to assist with increasing digital followers and drive current/prospective customers and suppliers to their new application. 

Market Research

We initially performed an investigation into the brand and industry to better communicate to their audiences. After our discovery, we started a slow but calculated digital campaign on their existing social media channels. Capacity Marketing reviewed Aden Brook’s company history as well as industry competitors to develop a brand voice for social media that remains authentic to the company’s origins, values, and existing customer base while also scaling to a national audience. 

We analyzed the existing comments and feedback on all social channels to better target audiences and address potential barriers to conversions, increasing the efficacy of ads targeting direct leads. As their new application gained traction, we organically increased the promotions to direct more customers to the app. 


Social Media

We conducted a thorough audit of Aden Brook’s social media account and strategy to develop a system and a social calendar that would work for their success. In addition to increasing likes and followers with organic content, we focused on initializing conversations on social media – creating leads that can be followed up on by Aden Brook salespeople.


  • Actualized a 73% increase in clicks and a 20% increase in website traffic from running ads and boosting posts.
  • Increased Facebook followers by 436 over the course of one quarter.
  • In three months, increased lead volume of more than 300% and decreased price per lead of 62%.


Digital Marketing