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Improved Navigational Path with UX Design

Matt, January 19, 2021


Hudson Valley Investment Advisors is an investment management company that tailors its services to the unique needs of each individual client. Despite more than 25 years of success, HIVA recognized the need for online improvements to continue growth. Citing client comments about difficulties navigating the company’s website and finding information within its pages, Hudson Valley Investment Advisors approached Capacity Marketing to update their online presence and improve the UX design.

Market Research 

We began this project with research, analysis, and interviews that allowed us to hone a design that aligns with clients expectations and allows HIVA to attract new clients and build their sales base. Since Hudson Valley Investment Advisors work with a broad range of clients in terms of age and financial status, it was important to examine the different experiences these customers anticipate from a website to create a universally appealing interface. 

We found that 88% of customers do not return to a website after a bad experience, and 85% expect the mobile version of a website to be as good as or better than its desktop counterpart. The goal was to have a new sitemap/structure that was easier for visitors to navigate and find the information most relevant to them but one which also facilitated the addition of future content by Hudson Valley Investment Advisors. 


Through the use of card sorting and both usability and tree testing, the Capacity team was able to determine the most effective method of organizing the website for ease of use across all demographics. We established a style guide and page templates to create a website that is consistent across all pages and easily adapts itself to additional content. Additionally, we updated the website for both ADA compliance and SEO optimization.


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