Award Winning Creative Backed by Research

Capacity Marketing is a comprehensive marketing firm with deep roots in research and award winning creative. With over 25 years of experience, we are helping our clients reach their intended audience and connecting with them through powerful messaging and media.

Our Mission

Our corporate focus is on your success. Through our research and methodology, we're able to translate data into successful design & messaging that will hit home with your target audience.

Our values


Caring is a way of life at Capacity Marketing. We care about our clients and our people. We care about our work, our reputation, and our communities.


To achieve a high level of performance for our clients, we are candid about the findings. Research, objectivity and truth are our super powers, and it is candor that brings these powers to life.


We are dreamers, tastemakers...artists. Creating with Confidence, knowing it's backed up by research and truth.

Our non-negotiables


Our team members are curious thinkers with an insatiable appetite to know and understand. This need to know is what drives us to keep going until we find answers and generate results.


We are adaptive doers, encouraging our clients and each other to move, grow, and succeed. A focus on growth drives us to continually improve and never become complacent.


Our senior staff wants all our clients and team members to feel empowered by independence, taking control and feeling capable of their own success!

“We wanted to stay true to our vision of a marketing firm that has our clients’ best interests at heart, a company that values candor and customer success above all.” - Matt Dorcas

Meet our team

Matt Dorcas


Eric Egeland

Vice President/COO

John Bell

Senior Vice President

Tara Jordan

AVP of Business Development, East Coast

Sonja Fosgate

AVP of Business Development, West Coast

Martyna Triggs

Sr. Market Analyst

CJ Millar

EVP of Digital

Jess Williams

Web Designer

Autumn St.Martin

Content Manager

Victoria Rosenthal

Paid Search Manager

Laura Carr

Advertising Analytics Director

Paul Millar

Email Marketing Director

John Jordan

Social Media Associate

Jason Hoss


Expertise & Experience

In addition to our rockstar Executive Team, Capacity works with a wide range of consultants and industry experts who bring a unique perspective and broad experience acquired through close collaboration with clients and deep insight to our work. Together, our diverse team shares the same commitment to challenging conventional thinking and solving complex problems, experience that spans a variety of industries, and a passion for helping clients succeed.



Mr. Dorcas is an award-winning marketing professional and has worked in the field for more than two decades. Matt has been singular in his commitment to both quality and community, dedicating years of hard work to bring world-class marketing to his clients. He’s been involved in high-visibility projects, including a Telly Award-winning project with renowned poet Maya Angelou. Matt also works with our clients on a level like no other with experience in the private sector and now as an entrepreneur for over 6 years.

Get to know Matt

Matt sang on tour for a year, preforming in over 80 cities and visiting 14 countries.


CPCU, AU, Vice President/COO

Mr. Egeland has been doing marketing research since 1999 but couldn’t execute creative. He put the business plan together for Capacity Marketing in 2014 and got agency expert Matt Dorcas to partner with him.   A published author and thought leader; Eric’s personal values drive Capacity Marketing: Caring, Candor, and Confidence. He insists on honesty and accountability and has an innate “need to know”.

Get to know Eric

Eric was a famous musician reaching fans as far as Japan. He also is a trophy holding super bike racer.


Senior Vice President

Mr. Bell is a seasoned professional with over 20 years sales and marketing experience. In addition to consulting, the breadth of his industry experience includes: marketing and public relations, financial services, and manufacturing. He has a passion for helping businesses overcome complex issues and has a successful track record navigating and mediating difficulty. John has a unique ability to influence and align key stakeholders, and inspire groups to collaborate and work effectively. He is skilled in generating new innovative approaches and compelling value propositions. His work in these areas has transformed top and bottom line numbers for many businesses and has allowed him the pleasure of working with billionaires, celebrities and business icons. Prior to Capacity, John was Managing Director of M&A Advisory Services and a Consultant for Marketing Consulting Services. He has a B.A. from Seton Hall University.

Get to know John

John’s current hobby is MMA fighting!


AVP of Business Development, East Coast

Ms. Jordan was born a competitive business development person.  She has reached top sales person in every organization she has worked for by focusing on her clients needs.

Get to know Tara

Tara loves to stay in shape and is a super competitive lacrosse player.


AVP of Business Development, West Coast

Sonja has worked with sales teams in the hospitality, entertainment, education, and technology industries. She connects to clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs, and works tirelessly to ensure their expectations are exceeded.

Get to know Sonja

Sonja administrates a completely text-based sword-and-sorcery online role-playing game.


Sr. Market Analyst

Ms. Triggs is the lead analyst for Capacity Marketing heading up engagements on startups, non-profit organizations, government entities, and multimillion dollar companies. Special engagements include the Sullivan County Casino Study, Dutchess County ARC Situational Fit Analysis, and Double Day Stadium Economic Impact Study. She is dedicated to giving back to the community and has participated with non-profit organizations and hurricane relief efforts in Florida; both keeping her up on how vital coordination is between local governments and non-profit institutions. Martyna received her B.S. in English Secondary Education and has utilized her natural talents for research and analysis to educate clients towards success. Her repertoire of skills has expanded to encompass digital marketing and creative design.

Get to know Martyna

Martyna was born in Poland, speaks fluent Polish, and makes some mean pierogis.


EVP of Digital

Ms. Millar has over 20 years of experience in the digital industry, CJ brings a deep technical expertise and specializes in digital brand management and e-commerce.

Get to know CJ

CJ is a fine whisky aficionado, rabid Yankees fan, and accomplished equestrian.


Web Designer

Ms. Williams has over 16 years of experience in the web design industry, her technical expertise paired with her design experience enhances every website project

Get to know Jess

Jess is an outdoor lover. Hiking, snowboarding, golfing, paddle boarding, you name it!


Content Manager

Autumn started marketing very early with her family’s equine businesses. Later she ventured into the entertainment, hospitality, and amusement park industries internationally. With experience developing engaging and SEO-rich blog and website content, Autumn brings passion, knowledge and progressive consumer interests to her work in social and content marketing.

Get to know Autumn

Autumn loves crafting, unicorns, local music, horses, and is a member of a local roller derby league.


Paid Search Manager

Victoria Rosenthal is a senior account manager and digital ads manager extraordinaire, with nearly 10 years of experience in the industry. She began to develop her digital chops in NYC, with the opportunity to work on big brands like SmartPak, Red Robin, Bissell, and Church & Dwight. Her first love and specialty is managing Google Ads/AdWords, with a breadth of other skills in social media management, content marketing, and SEO.

Get to know Victoria

In addition to driving her Subaru WRX, Victoria loves to ride her GSXR 750.


Advertising Analytics Director

Ms. Carr has been in the digital space for over 20 years and while she has experience in all areas of digital, her main focus is Analytics.  With her high-level of expertise in Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, and Google Tag Manager she is able to make data-driven recommendations to improve the goals of the client.  Some of her previous clients include K12, Kumon, Avon, The Maids and Scotts Lawn care products.

Get to know Laura

Loves to spend time camping and spending weekends on the lake, as well as hiking and skiing when the snow falls.


Email Marketing Director

Paul is a Clemson University alumnus who’s passionate about people and travel. Upon graduation he began his digital marketing career in New York City. His decade-plus tenure in the city was concentrated on email marketing, web analytics, and digital advertising, and he worked with clients such as Kenneth Cole, Comedy Central, and Eastern Mountain Sports before moving to the client side. He more recently worked for New York Road Runners, the company best known for hosting the New York City Marathon, where he revolutionized their email marketing and web analytics programs and trained multiple departments to be self-sufficient in both.

Get to know Paul

Paul loves solo travel and has visited more than ten countries, including Spain, Colombia, Brazil, New Zealand, and Samoa.


Social Media Associate

Mr. Jordan went to collage for engineering but realized his passion was social media marking… and he did something about it! First forming his own social media marketing company and then coming to start and run Capacity’s digital team.

He believes genuine emotion and meaningful content is real way to provide value for your followers. Be true and they will find you.

Get to know John

JJ is into J's. Modifying and driving jeeps that is!



Mr. Hoss is a seasoned professional photographer whose career blossomed through his involvement in the film industry. He considers that experience an invaluable tool that has allowed him to work in all forms of the photographic arts by providing him with an array of different perspectives and mechanics. This practice has encouraged him to produce dramatic and inspiring images with the unique ability to tell a story through a single photograph. Jason has a firm belief that not only are his subjects deserving of much more than a standard, linear process, but that each and every image he captures can be as original as the next!

Get to know Jason

Jason is a Veteran of the United States Army’s Military Intelligence Corps and is a Legionnaire in America's largest veteran’s service organization, The American Legion.